hawthorn heart: femme protection magic

hawthorn heart: femme protection magic

regular price $99.00

you can still sign up for hawthorn heart but you will be a few lessons behind. a new round will be launched in the fall.

this 12 week online workshop is designed to support femme witches and healers to transform our trauma into fierce truth telling and solid boundaries.

this workshop will be delivered between july 22nd 2017 and october 14th 2017.

you can learn more details about this workshop here.

the sliding scale for this workshop is $99 - $300+.
$99 minimum is a non-refundable deposit.

4 month payment plans are available starting at $24.75/month.
scholarships are also available.

on some browsers it takes the pay-what-you-can function a while to load. please be patient, or you can send additional donations to andi@witchcabinet.com through paypal with a note that says: hawthorn heart additional donation.

10% of the profits earned from this workshop will be donated to it starts with us: a native women lead project creating a community controlled database of missing and murdered Indigenous women and Two Spirit folks.


if you are wondering what to pay: i'd love for you to consider here, both the value of femme labour, as well as your privilege in regards to money and other systems of power. this work of serving community is how i support myself financially and it feels great when you help me make a living wage, while keeping workshops like this highly accessible. <3