13 months feral - andi's poetry chapbook

13 months feral - andi's poetry chapbook

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this collection is tender and fierce. it addresses centuries of trauma and resilience ranging from my first day of kindergarden, to magical resistance during the burning times in western europe. there's a poem from when i met cinderella and a poem inspired by a dream where i was eating glass. most of the people who've read it loved the poem about squirting as a tool for healing trauma.

i hope that this collection will help you feel at home, inspire you speak your truth, grant you space to cry sacred tears, and spark you to set your life on fire.

you can read some of my poetry here.

on some browsers it takes the pay-what-you-can function a while to load. please be patient, or you can send additional donations to andi@witchcabinet.com through paypal


if you are wondering what to pay: i'd love for you to consider here, both the value of femme labour, as well as your privilege in regards to money and other systems of power. this work of serving community is how i support myself financially and it feels great when you help me make a living wage, while keeping products like this poetry collection highly accessible. <3