are you facing a tough choice?
in the midst of a powerful transformation?
seeking consensual support that is grounded in radical, magical, kind-hearted intersectional feminism?
maybe you just want to talk to someone who will believe you, while offering judgement-free honesty and affirmation?

then you probably want to book a tarot reading with me.

i offer 1 hour readings and special deal for queer femmes. if you want to learn more about my approach to tarot you can read about it on my blog, and my little red tarot column.

when we read together we create a sacred space. in this space we'll discover what comes from the alchemy of your self inquiry as it mixes with the skillfulness of my magical and emotional labour.

i have a solid understanding of queerness and gender diversity with a focus on heart-centered-anti-oppression, and shameless magical practice. my readings resonate most with powerful women, wild witches and fierce femmes. folks who fight the patriarchy on the daily.

i love to share relevant tools and connections during readings for you to continue learning, processing and weaving after we meet. i'm a sag/leo/sag. i'm warm, affirming and love to share my learning with others. i love complexity and loathe binaries. i'm well equipped to talk about all kinds of relationships including kink and poly.

when we meet we will co-create a unique spread that will get to the heart of any question you could ask. you can get as weird, wild and vulnerable as your tender heart desires. i love that shit. and in case you are wondering...

any conversation you have with me is 100% confidential. 

readings happen over zoom, but they can also happen over the phone (or in person if we happen to be in the same place).

i offer a limited number of readings on payment plans for folks with barriers to financial access. just send me and email to andi@witchcabinet.com to see if we can work something out.


if you would prefer to get a reading from someone who is not a white settler i highly recommend High Moon Femme Tarot. Lettie is a genius with a brilliant mind and a brave tender heart. you won't be disappointed if you choose to book a reading with them. <3