• what is pay-what-you-can pricing? why do you use it?

i use pay-what-you-can/what-it's-worth pricing for my digital products and commonly for workshops as well. i use this system because it increases accessibility. pay-what-you-can means that people pay as much as they are able to, in accordance with the value they feel they are receiving from the product. pwyc/wiw is different from a sliding scale because there is no upper or lower limit to how much people can give. if you have a sense of financial security and you find value in my work then by all means i encourage you to give generously. your generous donations make it possible for lots of other people with less means to give in accordance with their limited financial access. this structure allows for me to get paid well and for everyone to access the products no matter how little money they might have. if you find this system confusing, please feel encouraged to email me and we can talk about it. i believe thinking and talking about money is a good thing. these conversations carry their own potent shadow work.

  • why don't you offer pay-what-you-can for tarot and herbal consultation?

with a digital product, once i make it it's easy to share. it doesn't require much more labour for the product to be shared with more people. the potential for growth is exponential. in a workshop there are many people gathered in the space so folks can pay at a wide range of price points and i can still make a living thriving wage. one on one emotional and magical labour, on the other hand, is a more finite resource. i can only give so many readings and consultations in a day. i feel i would start to resent my clients and my work if i was frequently receiving less money that i needed to survive, in exchange for my limited and skilled emotional labour. i believe that women and femmes deserve to be compensated well for their skills. my prices are in accordance with industry standards and take into consideration all the unpaid work i do writing and sharing my ideas in ways that folks can access for free. my prices also reflect the cost of running a business and accessing ongoing learning opportunities so i can serve you better. i also offer a range of tarot readings at different price points and occasionally offer reduced price readings on a case by case basis. it's also important to keep in mind that i frequently give money and herbal gifts to front line resistance causes, as well as offering generous scholarships to BIPOC folks to my workshops. accessibility and giving back to community are important to me and they needs to exist in balance with the stability and abundance of my livelihood.

  • you're canadian, why do you charge in us dollars?
the reason i charge in american dollar is because that is the industry standard. if i were to charge in canadian dollars i'd have to raise my prices to be on par with the average and that would deter people from working with me who might not know i charge in canadian dollars. also, many of my clients are not canadian. i give readings and sell products to americans more often than canadians. plus i take online classes, work with mentors and give in solidarity to projects that all charge in american dollars. its just easier and more coherent for the prices of my products to be in american dollars.

  • i just ordered something from you, how long will it take until i receive it?
well it depends. if you ordered a digital product like a poster or workshop recording you will receive it as soon as you pay for it. if you ordered a tarot reading or herbal consultation we'll set a mutual time that works for both of us after i receive your order. that all being said, i try not to work on weekends or evenings and i do occasionally step away from my business for self care and to connect with family and community in person. if you don't hear from me right away, please don't worry. i will respond to you as soon as i'm back. i often will post on facebook or through an email auto responder that i'm stepping away for a period of time. if you don't hear from me within a week feel free to contact me with a reminder about your order
  • do you offer refunds?
i offer refunds or replacements if i ship a physical object and it does not arrive, or arrives broken in some way. i do not offer refunds for digital downloads or one-on-one consultations and emotional labour services. that being said, if you feel unhappy with what you received from me send me an email and we can discuss it. your feedback is meaningful to me. while i am unlikely to fully refund your purchase i may refund a portion and i will definitely offer you a discount code for future purchases, if i agree that what you received did not match what i promised you.