frequently asked questions

what is pay-what-you-can pricing? why do you use it?

i use pay-what-you-can pricing for almost all my offerings. i use this system because it increases accessibility. pay-what-you-can means that people pay as much as they are able to, in accordance with the value they are receiving from my offering. pwyc is different from a sliding scale because there is limit to how much supporters of my work can give. when supporters donate more than my minimum ask for my offerings it makes it possible for me to charge less for digital products like zines and give away scholarhips to workshops to folks who otherwise can't afford it.

if you have a sense of financial security and you find value in my work i encourage you to give generously. your generous donations make it possible for other people with less financial means to give in accordance with their limited financial access. this structure allows for me to get paid well and for a wide range of folks to access my offerings no matter how little money they might have.

you live in canada, right? why do you charge in us dollars?

i charge in american dollars because it's easier for me, in lots of ways. most folks in this field charge in USD. if i were to set my prices in CAD i'd have to raise my prices to be on par with the average and that would deter people from working with me who might not know i charge in CAD. many of the people i work with are not canadian. most of my audience lives in the states. plus i take online classes, work with mentors and give in solidarity to projects that mostly charge in USD.

its just easier and more coherent for the prices of my products to be in USD.

i just ordered something from you, how long will it take until i receive it?

if you ordered a digital download like a zine you will receive it as soon as you pay for it. a link will be displayed after your purchase is complete where you can access your download. you should also receive an email with a link to access the download shortly after purchase. if you joined a workshop you'll receive a confirmation email shortly after signing up. it sometimes take a few days for this email to arrive if you signed up for a payment plan. if you made a purchase but never received an email from me check your spam and junk mail for messages from

if you still can't find it you can send me an email to

do you offer refunds?

i do not offer refunds for digital downloads. i will offer refunds for workshops when someone has paid above the amount to reserve their spot, as long as they request the refund before the class begins.