interview requests

so you love my work and you want to interview me?

great! here's how we can make it happen...

due to the volume of interview requests i receive, and the boundaries i have chosen to implement around valuing my time, skills and wisdom, i am no longer offering interviews for free.


there are four ways to arrange an interview with me.
they are:

1) pay me outright

i charge $75 for half and hour and $150 for a full hour.

you can send me payment through paypal to

once you've paid me send me an email with the subject line: interview and we'll set up a time to chat.

2) set up a payment plan

i offer 3 month payment plans for interviews.

you can set up a $25/month payment plan for a half hour interview here.
you can set up a $50/month payment plan for a full hour interview here.

once you've set up your payment plan send me an email with the subject line: 
interview and we'll set up a time to chat.

3) publish our interview to your audience

i'm willing to offer interviews free of charge if that interview will be shared with an audience of equivalent or larger size than mine. take a peak at the witch cabinet facebook page to see how big my audience is. i prefer spoken interviews shared through podcasts but i'm also open to written interviews as well.

to arrange a public interview send me an email with the subject line: interview.

4) offer me a trade 

i have a list of all the things i am willing to consider accepting in trade. check out the list and send me an offer. please keep in mind that your trade offer must be of an equivalent value to the cost of the interview you are hoping to receive. if your trade is not able to cover the full value of the interview you will be expected to pay for the remainder through paypal.