how to receive your missing course emails...

thank you so much for signing up for hawthorn heart!
i'm so sorry you aren't receiving emails.
this is a fairly common problem which is pretty easy to fix.

here are some ways you can solve this problem:

first: what email are you checking? course content will be sent to your paypal email address, unless you send me an email requesting otherwise.

second: have you checked your spam/junk/trash/promotions and other folders? because i send out lots of emails to many people sometimes email providers put my emails in places other than your inbox. usually there is a way to move the email into your inbox, if you do this enough times your email provider will learn to put my emails in your inbox.

third: if you add both these emails to your contacts ( and it will be more likely for my emails to land in your inbox.

if after all this you still can't find my emails send me a message with the subject line: MISSING LESSONS and i will double check you are signed up properly and send you a link to all the missing lessons.