herbal consultations

do you have a challenging health concern that has left you feeling unsure about who to turn to for support?

when you talk to health care professionals do they refuse to acknowledge connections between your emotional spiritual landscape and your physical health, leaving you feeling poorly witnessed or coerced into inappropriate care plans?

maybe you feel called to work with plant allies, but you feel unsure where to start or wary of appropriation or settler entitlement?

perhaps you are seeking support from someone who understands queerness, gender non-conformity and the impacts of oppression on your well being?

 if you answered yes to these questions
then you probably want to book a consultation with me.

if you are looking for support with herbal contraception click here.


ultimately i am here to serve your path.

my work is about helping you make
empowered and informed choices that support your best wellness.

a consultation lasts one hour and includes a free flowing discussion where i will ask you questions about your concern, listen to your story and consensually offer advice based on what you've told me. during the consultation you and i will decide the desired outcome of our time together. depending on your concern and the support you're seeking i could offer ideas for herbs to work with, diet or lifestyle changes, or magical strategies including ritual and tarot.

any consultation you book with me is 100% confidential. that being said, i may speak confidentially with other care providers to get deeper insight into your questions, in preparation for our time together.

if you want to learn more about my approach to medicine making you can read about it on my blog, or the witch cabinet posts of my little red tarot column.

if you prefer to work with an indigenous herbalist, or someone of an identity other than mine, feel free to send me an email and i will do my best to refer you to someone.