hawthorn heart: options for trade

through trade i aim to spell a lasting sense of abundance, driven by mutual aid.

below is a list of all the items and services i would consider accepting in trade.

in person:

consider i am located on the southern gulf islands, un-ceded coast salish territories, canada.
i also travel to vancouver on about a monthly basis.

  • body work 
    somatic therapy, massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral etc
  • esthetics
    nail work, permanent and non permanent makeup, lashes, hair cut and colour, tattoos
  • photography
    character portraits, photos of my life, photos of magic and nature
  • fresh organic food
  • plants
    starts, herbs, food, decorative

by mail

consider shipping to the gulf islands in bc, canada as part of the cost of your trade

  • wool knitting or crochet
    socks, scarves, tea cozy .. i'm also open to paying folks for larger projects
  • hand made everything (yes please do send me your etsy)
    candles, art, patches, natural make up, beauty products, bath and skin care, natural cleaning products, pottery (mugs and bowls), crystals, books, poetry, clothes, lingerie, shoes (size 7), jewellery (silver), herbs and herbal medicine, dog toys and clothes and treat, baby/kid clothes and toys and books
  • floral and lace bedding and house decor
  • food that can be mailed (ferments, baking, dried mushrooms etc)
  • seeds (plants that prefer shade are best)

to purpose a trade...

send me an email to andi@witchcabinet.com with the subject line "hawthorn heart trade".

in your email let me what your trade offer and how much it's worth.

to complete our trade i need to receive: your offering, payment for the cost of my offering not covered by our trade, and/or a photo of your offering being mailed to me.

please keep in mind: i typically only accept trades that can be completed at least one week before my offering begins. if you plan to purpose a trade i encourage you to do so as early as possible. trades submitted with less than a week to go before the class begins will not be considered.