hawthorn heart: boundary skills and protection magic

this workshop supports magical femmes to transform our trauma into skillful boundaries, using magic and creative practice.

final #femme4femme round:
may 15th 2018 

make no mistake wild ones:
learning how to say no as a femme is a radical act.

our magic is powerful and ancient.
it yearns to be practiced and protected.


    here are the details...

    this workshop happens online amongst a community of witches from around the world. 

    each week, for 12 weeks, you will receive a new lesson in your inbox.
    each lesson includes a pdf and an mp3 recording of each lesson, as well as a bonus recording: usually a somatic exercise or guided visualisation. 

    the learning in this course includes a mix of practical skills, creative and magical prompts and work with plant allies. the class content covers astrology, grief, ancestral trauma, integrating shadow, digestion, decolonization and healing from abuse.

    when the round ends there is an option to share your creative and magical work through a zine.

    this work is consent-based: meaning you only do the pieces that feel resonant.
    your work in the course unfolds at your own pace, with no pressure to 'keep up' with the group. 

    participants have access to the course content forever, after receiving it. 

    here's what past participants are saying about hawthorn heart..

    • "i just want to thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for this course. it has been and will continue to be life changing for me. i have learned and integrated so much boundary magic wisdom that I so desperately needed and until this/now had never found. THANK YOU. thank you for your vulnerability, your accountability, your courageous self-love, and your unapologetic reclaiming/honoring/healing. i could go on and on...but...boundaries. :)"

    • "i loved the boundaries femme class! such a good balance of creating a container and giving space for spontaneity and flow."

    • "even though the course is hard work, and I can only delve in and out of it, i feel huge releases and shifts. your work is super powerful and important." 

    • "your course is helping me learn to hold space as a small-group leader and to advocate for our group in the institutional budgeting process."

    • "i feel more patient and caring toward myself. i'm learning to believe myself"

    • "thankfully ive had the course because it has saved my butt over the past few weeks. thank you so so so much!"

    • "i am more open to sharing my work and have more confidence in my voice, overall."

    • "i would describe working with you as being invited into a space where i can let my guard down - i appreciate your understanding of and obvious love for queers, bodies, plants, life. i felt that you created space for input and included as much information as you could."

    • "i am communicating my feelings and i am aware of my limits. i am also realizing that i don't want to lose of betray myself ever again.  i've practiced noticing when my red flags and emotions warn me about a situation i'm uncomfortable in, and then communicating that with someone. before, i was practiced at ignoring my own emotions and warnings."


    your investment:

    the cost of this workshop is $400.
    final day to register is may 14th.
    10% of the profits will be donated to free siwatu.


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    check out this FAQ.