hawthorn heart: magical boundary skills for femmes

make no mistake wild ones:
learning how to say no as a femme is a radical act.

this workshop is for witches and femmes - magical creatures that we are.

it's a space where we can sit together, breathe, listen and validate.

a space where we can practice consent based, well boundaried support and skill sharing.

it's a space where we can own our shit and take care of ourselves and - if we like - each other.

together we will share and learn practical skills as well as magical and herbal tools to bolster our boundary setting tool boxes.

we'll also do some shadow work to uncover our unconscious blocks to setting life affirming transformational boundaries

you can sign up for this workshop here.

boundaries are the bedrock of healthy, sustainable and nourishing relationships. often we conceive of boundaries as a tool to push people away, which they sometimes can be, but boundaries can also be a tool for deep intimacy. boundaries work to keep us safe and also to foster clear communication and mutual support. boundaries are profoundly anti-oppressive because the teach us to nurture and respect self preservation (in ourselves and others) in the face of constant demands on our bodies, minds and spirits.

boundaries are survival skills.

and sometimes they can be confusing to set. They often require sacrifice, sitting in our triggers, and challenging old and tired scripts inherited from people in our lives who have taken from us without our consent. there is no such thing as a perfect boundary, but it is possible to set boundaries that are clear, measurable and accountable.

this workshop will happen online amongst a community of witches from around the world, here are the details...

the first lesson for this workshop will be sent out on april 19th. each week you will receive a new lesson in your inbox. each lesson will include ideas and exercises for you to practice your new skills.

you will also be able connect with others taking the course, and folks who have taken it before through the private facebook group. the group is there is support and witness you, offer ideas and answers questions when you get stuck.

we will also have a zoom meeting which will be recorded and available to watch after it happens. in this gathering you can ask questions, brainstorm ideas together and debrief on how the course content is resonating. this gathering will take place on april 25th at 5 pm PST.

the cost of this workshop is $50 - $250+. you choose the amount you want to give.

$50 is also the cost of the deposit to hold your spot. this amount is non-refundable after you sign-up. refunds for an amount above and beyond the depsit are available before the first llesson is sent out on april 19th.

you can sign up for this workshop here.

scholarships are available for BIPOC folks. a limited number of payment plans are also available. you can send me an email at andi@witchcabinet.com to inquire about scholarship and payment plans.