facilitation and workshops

i offer a variety of workshops and can also be brought in as a facilitator on projects you care about. you can learn about my facilitation style by reading the 8 community agreements i use.

in the past i've offered workshops on herbal contraception, boundary skills for femmes, connecting to ancestors through creative practice, using poetry to digest and transform trauma and i've also hosted intergenerational queer story telling gatherings. the best way to keep up to date on my offerings is to join my newsletter, which you can do at the bottom of the home page of my site.

what makes me a unique facilitator:

i do my best to focus on including the body in my work. all my workshops are LGBTQIA++ and sex worker friendly with non-shaming anti-oppression woven throughout. i don't consider myself to be an expert on anything, rather i'm an enthusiastic learner who is excited to gather likeminded people with a wide variety of life experiences into a gracefully held, challenging and warm container. i believe community, grassroots, non-academic education is endlessly valuable. i do my best to make academic sources, when i use them, accessible to learners of all stripes.

i'm always learning. i see constructive critiques as an offering of wisdom. i'm open and grateful to receive feedback.


what you receive from working with me:

if you hire me, your workshop is guaranteed to be magical, radical and deeply activating.

folks who hire me or participate in a workshop i host benefit from my ability to hold a warm and accountable container. i share a wide variety of multi-media information and facilitate others to do the same. for some of my workshops, after attending participants are linked into facebook groups that allow them continued engagement with the content and community gathered in their learning space. folks who download digital workshops get access to the workshop and facebook group forever, so there is no deadline or rush on your learning.

the vast majority of my workshops are pay-what-you-can/what-it's-worth. this encourages accessibility for participants and sustainable livelihood for me.

if you are interested in hiring me to facilitate a workshop please send me an email at andi@witchcabinet.com with the subject line: facilitation.