courting pennyroyal

for thousands of years fertile and menstruating people around the world have worked with herbs to affect our moon cycles. many of our ancestors experienced dire persecution during the rise and imposition of colonial capitalism for holding this sacred knowledge, simply because it is and was so powerful. this violence continues to this day. for generations these skills have been forced deep underground, nestled safely in the dark-dampness of forest tree roots, leaving the present day generations of witches, healers and bleeders without the knowledge so many of us crave.

it is time to dig this knowledge back up from the roots.

today it is often challenging to find accurate information about herbal contraception. often the available information is de-contextualized or fear mongering, so as to turn people away from the power that lies dormant in our blood, bones and dream life.

if you want to empower yourself and connect with the ancestral knowledge that lies in your body you can order the herbal abortion poster, or the herbal birth control poster or book an herbal contraception consultation where you will receive advice specifically tailored to your needs.

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i look forward to learning, growing and connecting with you.