the witch cabinet is a cauldron for badass femme magic.

here you will find skillful emotional and magical labour poured lovingly into zines, tarot, and plant medicine with a specific focus on herbal contraception

the magic of the witch cabinet focuses on building radical magical community, dancing with the potent wisdom of plants, affirming wild women and fierce femmes, believing and supporting survivors, and connecting deeply to ancestral knowledge.

the magical and emotional support work offered here is trauma informed, consent driven, sex worker and LGBTQIA++ positive. all services are confidential with payment plans and pay-what-you-can-afford pricing available whenever possible. money earned from the sale of these services is frequently given to movements like #blacklivesmatter and front line indigenous resistance camps like standing rock.

the magic of the witch cabinet has taken place on
unceded coast salish and sinixt territory since 2015.

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-about andi-

hi there, i'm andi. empress hermit witch of the witch cabinet.

i'm a sagitarius sun and rising with a leo moon. i identify (for now) as a tender-queer-kitchen-witch-femme. i carry ancestral blood ties to celtic europe and german mennonites

a great way to get to know me is to read my blog or my little red tarot column

i've learned with and been gifted mentorship from the living medicine project, rosemary gladstar, rain crowe, worts and cunning apothecary, molly dutton kenney as well as being a prolific reader and note taker. i have a pretty wicked book collection that i draw from in all my work.

though i studied academically at UBC's institute for gender, race sexuality and social justice, my most valuable learning comes through activism, harm reduction, dreaming with the moon, wandering aimlessly through forestsgrowing food and medicine, and swimming in turquoise rivers.

i'm not an expert
in anything. i'm a curious learner who loves to share my process (i said i'm a double sagittarius right?). if you're curious about the places i've worked and learned in community, you can click through these links to look at the projects i've been a part of and all the learning i've done.