the witch cabinet is a cauldron for radical femme magic.

radical femme magic means you believe.

you break binaries just by existing.
you set boundaries as an act of survival and an expression of intimacy.
you trust the wisdom of your body, your dreams and your intuition.
you use trauma and resilience to fuel your creative expression.

you build community with other femmes and you understand our magic is ancient.

here at the witch cabinet you will find skillful emotional and magical labour poured lovingly into digital zines and workshops.  so far we’ve made zines on femmes surviving toxic masculinity, femmes grieving family and fertility and there’s my personal poetry collection too. we also offer workshops, like hawthorn heart, our popular online class that helps femme witches and healers transform their trauma into powerful protection magic, bad-ass boundaries and generous works of creative abundance and healing. 

bad-ass femme magic means breaking free shame and seeking approval.
it’s not about making other people happy, being pretty or being nice:
it’s about freedom, genuine connection and liberation from fear.

the magic of the witch cabinet aims to be:
trauma informed, consent driven, sex worker and LGBTQIA++ positive. 

bad-ass femme magic is heart open, accountable, honest and fierce.
we know that vulnerability is a super power and that sometimes being rude and slutty is a fucking survival skill.

the witch cabinet offers payment plans for online courses and pay-what-you-can prices for digital zines. any online course offerings are paced to be accessible for working class folks, parents and folks living with chronic pain and illness. we gather feedback from the community on the regular to find out how to serve you better and get to the bottom of your most precious cravings. a portion of the profits from everything sold by the witch cabinet goes to support BIPOC folks and community groups in their journeys to foster resilience and resistance. often the folks receiving these donations are also queer/trans, or sex workers.

badass femme magic weaves a web of meaningful solidarity.
it means supporting each other by fighting the fucking patriarchy, and everything that holds it in tact.

the work of the witch cabinet has taken place on unceded sinixt territory and the unceded territory of the coast salish people since 2015.

the work of the witch cabinet has supported thousands of femmes since it's inception.

-about andi grace-

hi there, i'm andi: the empress hermit witch of the witch cabinet.

i created this place because i got burnt-the-fuck-out working in non-profits and i wanted to find a way to put my creative and magical practice first, and make money doing it. i used to teach yoga until i decided i wanted to dive deep into a spiritual practice that was connected to my ancestors. even though some might say i’m the queen bee over here, i couldn’t make this magic without all the boss-ass witches who support me.

i cannot tell you what a dream it is to do what i love as my work. one day i hope to help other witches build businesses that give back, support our integrity and make us bank while we do it. for now i’m forging my own path, hoping to be an inspiration for others and offering my learning to the community in the process.

i'm not the first to do this work and i won't be the last.

this is the time where witches are rising: a time when we are deeply needed. you can feel it, i know you do....

if you wanna get to know me better.. i’m a sagittarius sun and rising with a leo moon. my venus is in scorpio. i also have a grand fire trine in my chart. i’m all about the fire, but i also sometimes like to make steam. i cry, alot. if i had an x-men like super power it would be blowing things up. doing detail oriented things (like building websites and organizing databases) hurt my brain, but i’m learning to embrace my earthy side and get my witchy shit in order.
the gender i identify with (for now) is a tender-queer-kitchen-witch-femme.

i’m a boss-ass-bitch with lots of feeeeelings.

i like to wear fishnets while i garden and cat-eyeliner while i use my chain saw. my favourite thing in the world is eating food that i grew, gathered or raised myself, or that was gifted to me by community i am meaningfully connected to. i watch way too much tv and i love reading queer femme poetry. i carry ancestral blood ties to celtic europe and german mennonites (i said i like to grow food right?). i carry ancestral cultural ties to femmes who wear black lace, queers who fuck like starlight, witches who live in little shacks in the woods where the walls are covered in glass bottles, and skanky loud women who pull their skirts up and their shirts down as they curse at terrified men. 

i'm talkative, endearingly awkward and charming. if you don't believe me you can listen to me talk about the story behind our most popular zine we believe you: femmes surviving toxic masculinity by listening to this interview.

i named my dog dolly parton because i love loud, fierce, smart bitches. i also like watching how people respond to her name to decide if i want to be friends with them (i said i have venus in scorpio, yeah?).

a great way to get to know me is to read my blog or my little red tarot column or to join my email list, which you can sign up for at the bottom of the homepage of this site. 

speaking of loud, tender, fierce femme bitches who love poetry.. my favourite podcast is chai chats, and if you made it all the way to the end of this i think you'll love it too! <3