13 months feral (digital poetry chapbook)

13 months feral (digital poetry chapbook)

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13 months feral is the first collection of poetry written and published by andi grace. this collection addresses centuries of trauma and resilience ranging from the first day of kindergarden, to magical resistance during the burning times in western europe, to fantastical fairy tale queer utopias and dystopic childhood dreamscapes.

you can read some of andi's poetry here.

the remaining paper copies of this collection were sent to the non-bipoc contributors to "we believe you - femmes surviving toxic masculinity". there are still some physical copies of this collection left. they will be sent at random to folks who order the digital download of this collection, while supplies last.


if you are wondering what to pay: i'd love for you to consider here, both the value of femme labour, as well as your privilege in regards to money and other systems of power. this work of serving community is how i support myself financially and it feels great when you help me make a living wage, while keeping products like this poetry collection highly accessible. <3

if you are not in a position to pay for this poetry collection, please download it, i want you to have it. and you can help support the work by sharing this collection and encouraging others to pay, if they can.