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the deck you've been waiting for: next world tarot

i recently i had the distinct pleasure of interviewing cristy c. road about her upcoming tarot deck next world tarot.  the deck is raw, punk-as-fuck, gruesomely beautiful and features qtpoc and post-apocalyptic imagery. i could say more, but i think the images really do speak for themselves. this deck is gorgeous and i am so excited for it to arrive in my mail box!   how would you describe your individual relationship to tarot? do you feel like it has changed since you started creating your own deck? definitely has changed! i got way into magic in a really detached way -- i kind of had no idea what i was doing, aside from coddling my love for the paranormal. i also...

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radio interview: magic, tarot, and ecofeminism.

recently i was interview by my friend kluane for her radio show gender trouble on cfuv victoria's campus and community radio station. the show was about eco-feminism and i talked about solidarity, my magical practice, and how all of that relates to tarot. i also talked about my feelings regarding pushing open binary-gendered spaces. the interview starts around 24:00. you can listen to it here.

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acid church: using tarot as a container for therapeutic psychedelic exploration

we pile into our beat-up toyota pick up, affectionately nicknamed "the butch truck," and drive up a bumpy logging road until the trees reach too densely over the gravel path for us to continue. we pass a small, fierce mountain river by driving over a moss-covered wood bridge. i wander into the forest to string up a green tarp above the truck box, which is equipped with a futon mattress. this structure is our shelter from the literal storm that passes as we spend the night in pitch darkness, briefly interrupted by brilliant bolts of lightning. this is where we host acid church - our regular co-captained journeys to the depths of murkiest corners of our spirits. this is where...

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