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call-out culture and being "too much"

i wrote this piece as i was working through how activist call-out culture lives in my body. it talks about how shame from being called out lives in my body in the same way as the shame i've inherited through silencing in the patriarchy. this piece tends to resonated with loud-mouth femmes and women who both find it impossible to be silent and struggle with how much space we take up.

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coming to femme: unspelling the gender binary in women's only spaces

i wrote this poem after spending a month in a women's center multiple times a week. it was around this time that i started using the pronoun 'they'. the poem explores childhood experiences, what i understand femme to mean, and how all of this relates to a binary gendered space like a women's center - a space which i both hold deep reverence for and also feel uncomfortable in for a number of reasons.

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