firewood season

love affair with a mouse fed cat
turning round on shoulder pin point
warm whisky whiskers brush cheeks
roads cobblestoned of shit and straw
dirt birthed beneath rain boot steps
chainsaws cutting through overcast
sap sizzles smokey in the stove
living room hearth
no south facing candles needed
recently seasoned cast iron pan
soup pot cauldron
kitchen witches summer savoury
canning lid opened for the first time
peaches and cream winter solstice
elder berry hot toddies
morning light through shower window
tears drops gather on plastic
flush steam pillows
snow: top of inhale
ice: bottom of exhale
frozen bouquets of medicine
wood splits straight down
tattoos of dirt
bacon grease
at sunrise, at moonrise: pillow forts
glowing skin for flashlights
crayons, felt tips and kisses glitter
this poem is from my poetry chapbook 13 months feral. you can order a pay-what-you-can digital copy of my chapbook here.