we believe you II - femmes thriving after abuse

are you a magical femme who found a way to thrive, after experiencing abuse?

how did you cultivate resilience in the face of immense trauma?
how did you find hope while living with a wounded spirit?
how did you manifest accountability and repair?
who were your allies and who betrayed you?
how did you seek justice?
how did you get free?

we want to hear your story.
we cherish your magic.
never forget: we believe you.

about "we believe you":

the witch cabinet's first digital zine "we believe you - femmes surviving toxic masculinity" touched the hearts, healing and magic of thousands of magical femmes. 

now it's time for the work and magic of "we believe you" to grow into something new: a zine that showcases femme witches not only surviving after abuse, but thriving.

you can learn more about the first we believe you zine by downloading your copy here.
you can also download the e-zine "soother: femmes grieving family and fertility" here.
and you can learn about the creation of the first "we believe you" zine by listening to this interview.

submission guidelines:
you can submit to this zine by filling out this google form. 

only submissions offered through this form will be considered.
if you have questions please send them to ashley story - ashley.e.story@gmail.com.
please use the subject line "ZINE".

submissions are due no later than end of day november 15th 2017 at (11:59 pst).
only the first 100 submissions will be considered. updates will be provided through our mailing list and social media if we are coming close to this limit.

all mediums of expression are welcome: poetry, short stories, essays, really any kind of writing (2000 word limit is suggested). art, photos and images are encouraged. music is also welcome. as are recipes, tarot spreads and any evidence of magic.

keep in mind: we are least likely to publish poetry (we receive more poems than anything else when we do calls for submissions). on the other hand we are most likely to publish visual art, music, recipes and evidence of magic.

this zine will give priority to publishing a diverse range of voices.

a maximum of 20 submissions will be chosen.
the creator of each submission chosen for publication will receive $50 USD 14 days after the zine is launched.
in order to be published and paid creators must respond to emails and deadlines in a timely manner and agree to share the project widely.
creators will retain the rights to their work and work published elsewhere is welcome.

10% of the profits from this zine will be donated to a QTBIPOC person or group. 
at this point where the funds will go is TBA.
contributors are encouraged to make suggestions about where this money would be well spent, when they submit.