bellies: a virgo new moon love poem

bellies are queens sitting on thighs like thrones
bellies are cheesecake topped with cherries
bellies are rose petal oil and blanket forts
bellies are trust woven of exhales and intuition
bellies are home smoked dripping maple bacon
bellies are sprouting grounds for old souls
bellies are wombs of grief and ocean secrets
bellies are grandparents holding lipstick secrets
bellies are chalices for blood and truth telling
bellies are mahonia usnea old forest wisdom
bellies are bubbling cauldrons of love potions
bellies are whispering mugwort sweet nothings
bellies are the bubbling froth of root beer floats
bellies are handfuls of waxing moon prayers
bellies are fighting an abundance revolution
bellies are holding hands and blowing kisses
bellies are goddesses drinking true love nectars  

this poem is from my poetry chapbook 13 months feral. you can order a pay-what-you-can digital copy of my chapbook here.

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